George Crook Geronimo vowed revenge. He led many raiding parties into Mexico during the 1850s and 1860s. On the morning of April 21, 1877, Geronimo and his small band of renegades were captured and sent to the San Carlos reservation. Geronimo watched his people die from sickness and starvation. He and several hundred Apaches escaped from San Carlos in 1881. Geronimo enjoyed only two years of freedom before he was caught in a surprise attack by U.S. Army General George Crook and sent to the White Mountains reservation. The restless Apache escaped in 1885 with Naiche (the son of Cochise) and more than one hundred other warriors, women, and children. It took almost a year for the army to recapture Geronimo, but it took only three days for Geronimo to escape again. General Crook resigned his post and was replaced by General Nelson Miles, who took 5,000 troops to set out after Geronimo in what would be his final capture. On September 4, 1886 Geronimo formally surrendered. He was sent to a Florida prison-type reservation for two years, then to Alabama, and finally to Oklahoma. Geronimo was never allowed to return to his home in Arizona. He died on February 17, 1909 and was buried at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This Geronimo Surrender Monument is located just north of Skeleton Canyon on Arizona Route 80 in southeastern Arizona. Chapter 8 • Arizona Faces and Features  91