why you think that this might be good for the state; then list all of the reasons why you think it might be bad. Decide which you believe: Is more growth good or bad for Arizona? Write a one-page essay describing your position and your reasons for it. Correctly capitalize and punctuate the following paragraph about Arizona: Natural wonders are found in All parts of Arizona. The san francisco peaks near Flagstaff are the Highest mountain range in Arizona. The Red Rocks of Sedona are an Artist’s and Photographer’s Paradise! Reading and Writing Connection with Arizona’s History Read the story about Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter. Put these events of her life into sequential order, using #1 as the first and #4 as the last. _____ Mary became an art teacher. _____ Mary designed buildings at the Grand Canyon. _____ Mary loved her school’s art classes. _____ Mary takes a job with the Fred Harvey Company. Sedona Schnebly for whom the town of Sedona, Arizona is named. Chapter 1 • Review Activities  15