Ideas For Discussion Since the 1800s, the American government has forced most Indian tribes to live on reservations. Some people propose that these reservations be eliminated and that the Indian people live in the communities of the state. The idea behind this proposal is that protecting people on reservations makes them dependent on the government and does nothing to help them to compete in the rest of society and improve their standard of living. Many other people want to see the reservations continue in order to give Indian people a chance to keep their culture and heritage. They feel that many tribe members would have great difficulty moving from their culture into that of the rest of society because the values of the two groups are very different. Research this argument and set up a debate in your class on the question: Should the Indian reservation system be maintained? Reading and Writing Connection with Arizona’s History Putting events into sequence, that which happened first, then second, etc., is a reading skill students must learn. It is also a good way to understand history. Be creative and make your own timeline that sequences the establishment of the Indian reservations of Arizona. Thumb Butte is a well known landmark of Prescott, Arizona. The people of the Yavapai-Prescott tribe have made their homes near this butte for many centuries. Chapter 14 • Review Activities  145