Chapter 12 Arizona’s Government The flags of four nations have flown over Arizona: Spain, Mexico, the Confederacy, and the United States. Today Arizona has a modern state government. Standards’ Vocabulary branches legislative executive judicial interdependent counties William Rehnquist Sandra Day O’Connor A  Castilian flag B  Mexican flag May 1540  Flag of Spain flies  above the land of Arizona. September 1821  Flag of Mexico flies  above the land of Arizona. 1540 1800 April 1904  Dick Wick Hall  establishes town of Salome,  Arizona Territory. December 1916  Lalo Guerrero born. 1850 May 1926  Martha  Summerhayes dies. August 1874  Martha  Summerhayes arrives in  the Arizona Territory. April 1926  Dick Wick Hall dies. 1900 February 1862  Flag of the  Confederate States of America  flies above the land of Arizona. September 1899 Polly Rosenbaum  born. June 1922  Rose Mofford born. November 1922  Nellie  Bush elected to Arizona  House of Representatives. January 1909  Barry Goldwater born. June 1862  Flag of the United States  of America again flies above the land  of Arizona. 1908  Martha  Summerhayes publishes  Vanished Arizona. 118  Chapter 12 • Arizona’s Government