Arizona Faces and Features The town of Tubac has seen many changes. It began as a fort to protect its inhabitants from Pima Indian raids. It was later part of a Mission Tumacacori farm and ranch. As pioneers traveled westward to California, many rested at the Tubac farm and some decided to stay. The town grew. Today, Tubac is a thriving art community. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. r 1691 Became a farm and ranch for Mission Tumacacori Tubac Presidio 1730s Spanish colonists begin to settle here and farm 1752 Built in the Santa Cruz valley as presidio of Spanish army Spanish presidio moved to Tucson; Tubac Presidio abandoned Presidio of Tubac opens again to deal with Apache raids Becomes a presidio for the republic of Mexico Presidio of Tubac again abandoned after Mexican War Tubac becomes part of the united States through Gadsden Purchase Grown to 800 people; Charles Poston opened mining operation First newspaper published in Arizona: Weekly Arizonian Tubac legally incorporated School begins in dry goods store Schoolhouse built for total student enrollment of 40–50 These old, adobe ruins are found at Tubac Presidio State Historic Park. 1821 r 1853 1854 1859 1884 1885 1885 Chapter 5 • Arizona Faces and Features  59