Chapter 4 Arizona in the World What were the Americas like in 600 a.d.? The grand city covered over 11 1/2 square miles in a lush, high mountain valley. Pyramids, temples, palaces, and markets lined the city streets. By 600 a.d. a population of over 100,000 people lived in and around the city. The people who built the city called themselves Totonacs. We do not know what the Totonacs called their great city. Today it is known by the Aztec name of Teotihuacán (teh-ohtee-wha-kahn). It was located in a land known as the Valley of Mexico in Mesoamerica. Mesoamerica is that land in the modern world that would include central Mexico, south and east to the nations of Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. Standards’ Vocabulary Teotihuacan Mesoamerica Quetzalcoatl glyphs Maya Mexica Tenochtitlan Inca Middle Ages barbarians Feudal System knights castles crusades Age of Discovery 600  Teotihuacán, with a population of 100,000 people, is the largest city of the Americas. 700  Mayan culture at its cultural height in Mesoamerica. 800  City of Chichen Itza becomes center of Mayan cultural and military power. 900  Toltec culture comes to power in the central region of Mesoamerica. 1000  Mayan culture in decline throughout Mesoamerica. 750  Teotihuacán falls into ruin. Americas Europe 600 700 800 900 1000 600  Europe in a period of history known as the Middle Ages; fall of Roman Empire now complete. 800  Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, rules most of Western Europe. 900  Castles and knights become common throughout Europe. 38  Chapter 4 • Arizona in the World