Arizona Faces and Features William Sherley (“Old Bill”) Williams (1787-1849) The Arizona town of Williams and the mountain it is built on are named for “Old Bill” Williams. Bill Williams was born in North Carolina. Or maybe Kentucky. No one knows for sure. After some schooling, he became a Methodist preacher in Missouri. There he met the Osage Indians and tried to teach them religion. They taught him how to hunt and to trap animals. r Bill Williams Mountain is covered with pine trees. “Old Bill” liked the Indians and married an Osage girl. When she died, Williams came to Arizona, living with the Hopi and later the Ute Indians. He hunted and trapped in the Arizona mountains for many years. He was known as the best mountain guide in the Southwest. Tragically, Williams was killed by mistake. In 1849, he was shot by a small party of warring Utes. The Mexicans who were with him were not harmed and were allowed to leave. They later said that the Utes did not recognize Williams or they would not have shot him. In their sorrow, the Utes gave Williams a chief ’s burial with all of its ceremonial honors. This statue of Bill Williams is found west of the downtown area of Williams, Arizona. r Chapter 6 • Arizona Faces and Features  69