Chapter 10 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary irrigated canals nomads drought Montezuma Castle National Monument Newlands Reclamation Act Apache Trail aqueduct Arthur Powell Davis Reviewing the Chapter 1. Use each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words correctly in a sentence. 2. What did the Great Flood of 1891 motivate the people living in Arizona to do? 3. Why was the Salt River Water Users Association created? 4. What were the two reasons for building Roosevelt Dam? 5. Why is Arthur Powell Davis called the “Father of Roosevelt Dam”? Visit a Salt River Project or Central Arizona Project office, or talk to someone in your community who works with the water problem, to see what they think about it. Write a research paper on what you find. Be sure to include a list of all of your sources at the end. This is called a bibliography. Ideas For Discussion The Central Arizona Project canal was built to help bring more water into Arizona from the Colorado River. Roosevelt Dam has been made larger to hold more water. Many people have proposed building dams on the Verde and other rivers to store more water to meet Arizona’s ever-growing need for water. Other people oppose more dams because of the damage they might do to the environment. What are the choices that Arizona must make about water? What other options are there than to build more dams? Are there other benefits to building the dams? Do some reading on this subject. Talk with family members or others about Solving Problems The chapter points out that water is one of Arizona’s biggest problems. Do some reading on the following questions: What problems does Arizona face because of water? What have been Arizona’s solutions to those problems? What has been the result? What new problems have been created? Why has Arizona continued to need more water? Why will new solutions have to be found in the near future? 106  Chapter 10 • Water