In 1941 the United States named the new air force base west of Phoenix, Luke Air Force Base. It was named in honor of this young Arizonan. Even today, fighter pilots from around the world learn to fly the most modern of jet planes at Luke Air Force Base. Who was John Campbell Greenway This statue of John Greenway stands in front of the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tucson, Arizona. John Campbell Greenway was Arizona’s first citizen honored by the United States Congress in the National Hall of Statues in Washington, D.C. Each state is only allowed two such honorees, and John Campbell Greenway became Arizona’s first inductee on May 19, 1930. While serving with the Rough Riders in the SpanishAmerican War, Greenway met and became friends with the Rough Riders from Arizona. He was told stories of Arizona and decided in 1910 to take a job with the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company at Bisbee. In April 1911, he came to the small town of Ajo and discovered a rich vein of copper. He bought the rights to the mine and the town of Ajo, Arizona grew rapidly with the mine’s success. When World War I began, John Greenway again served his country. For his brave actions in battle while in France, he was awarded medals of bravery by both the French and American armies. When he returned to his home in Ajo, Arizona, he was a war hero. On November 4, 1923 John Campbell Greenway married Isabella Ferguson. With the copper mine in Ajo operating so well, he turned his attention to assuring a constant supply of water for Arizona. He was working with congress late in 1925 to get permission to build a dam on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon when he became ill. On January 19, 1926 he died and all of Arizona was saddened. His wife, Isabella Greenway, would continue to serve the people of Arizona for many years. 98  Chapter 9 • Becoming a State