The ponderosa pine forests of the Mogollon Rim are an important natural resource of Arizona. The Mountain-Highlands region is sometimes called Arizona’s playground for all the outdoor tourist activities found there. The Colorado Plateau extends into the states of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. The Mogollon Rim is a 200-mile uplifting of cliffs several thousand feet high. The name Mogollon comes from Juan Ignacio Mogollon. He was the governor of New Mexico in 1715. The rim separates the Mountain-Highland region from southern Arizona. The great ponderosa pine forests of Arizona are found on the Rim. The ponderosa pine is Arizona’s largest lumber tree. Scientists estimate that over 1,025 other plants and animals depend on the ponderosa pine to stay alive. Drought can bring fire danger to the great ponderosa pine forest of Arizona. Lack of rain and snow in the Rim Country also allows the great forests to be damaged by insect pests, like the bark beetle. All of Arizona needs a yearly soaking of rain and snow. Some of Arizona’s most beautiful places are found on the Mogollon Rim. Greer, Show Low, and Sedona are all Arizona towns in Rim Country. The northern region of Arizona is a wide plateau. It is called the Colorado Plateau. A plateau is a high flat area of land. More than 45,000 square miles of the state are part of the Colorado Plateau. The plateau makes up 42 percent of 18  Chapter 2 • The Land