Who was Carmen Soto Vasquez? One of Tucson’s greatest Hispanic citizens was a brilliant woman named Carmen Soto Vasquez. Through the efforts of this remarkable woman, Teatro Carmen, one of Tucson’s first and grandest theaters was opened on May 20, 1915. Some of the greatest Hispanic actors, actresses and musicians of this time performed on the grand stage of the Teatro Carmen. Hispanic refers to the people, speech, or culture of Spain, Portugal, or Latin America. During a time of Arizona’s history when many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans were viewed as revolutionaries or peasants, Carmen Soto Vasquez and her theater acted as a beacon of education, demonstrating the Mexican culture to be one of the oldest and most beautifully unique cultures on earth. Carmen Soto Vasquez was a great woman of the arts in early Tucson. The historic Teatro Carmen is located on Meyer Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. Chapter 11 • Arizona’s People  111