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Lumbie Mlambo, Editor-in-Chief
from the editor
"Global Happiness"
Many of us have tried to define the word "happiness" and come to the conclusion
that this word has many meanings. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness
, tells us to never worry about the definition of the word happiness. She
says, considering the numerous academic definitions of this word, we should
embrace the broadness of the term. Rubin focuses on being "happier" instead and
does not find it a useful thing to ponder about the definition so much.
Define your own happiness. What makes you happy? For this reason, we found
it thoughtful to dedicate this edition to the global happiness of all. We want to
learn what makes people happy. Can everyone be happy? What makes me happy
may not make someone else happy. Happiness starts with you. Make yourself
happy first before you make others happy. There's also a saying, "Love yourself
first before you can love someone else."
Over the years, many people have explored the subject of happiness. Some
have practiced living happily. In our search for the cover model who embraces
happiness, we were thrilled to talk to Gretchen Rubin. Not only is she the author of
The Happiness Project, but she also practices living happier. She is the happiness
guru. Therefore, we did not hesitate in putting her on the cover of this Global
Happiness edition.
Since many factors determine happiness, it is fair and appropriate to say that
you're happy when you're healthy. Dr. Oz notes that if you want your skin to look
good on the outside, make sure you're eating the right foods. Yes, this makes us
healthy and happy!
It is fair to say that giving makes us happy. When we give, we feel a sense of
connection and fulfillment knowing that we are helping to improve a life. It is
gratifying to know that when we give, we communicate a message of hope for
the future and hope for a better life. This motivates the receiver to make changes
in their life.
There are certainly many ways to be happy or happier. We hope the stories and
interviews we have shared in this edition help you to achieve a happy or happier
life. The "11 Ways to Stay Balanced" article in the Balance Advice section is perhaps
a good start to finding and sustaining happiness. Everyone can be happy. However,
it is important to note that your happiness begins with you first.