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By Ron Schneider
Let me tell you a story of a chicken named Chuck.
She is half chicken and she is half duck.
Where she comes from, nobody knows.
Did she come from a duck or a ufo?
She stands straight up, 14 inches tall.
When she waddles, you would think that she would fall.
She can't cackle and she can't quack.
She can't fly and she can't scratch.
She changes shapes so many times.
Your next guess is as good as mine.
She looks like a chicken and she looks like a duck.
She looks like a penguin sitting on a pickup truck.
She looks fat, then she looks thin.
You know that she can float and swim.
She carries her wings, on her back.
I would give anything to hear one little quack.
She lays down on her belly when she wants to eat.
You know she has those strange looking feet.
She is tall with skinny little legs.
She sits on a nest, laying multi-colored eggs.
This story is true, I have to say.
This chicken duck is here to stay.
Watch youtube video:
OR go to YouTube and search for Chuck the Chicken Duck
Published in The cleburne advocate with title "Chicken has owner asking
what's the duck."