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Best Selling Author Karen
Salmansohn Wants Us to
"Be Happy Dammit"
interview by: Sam mcfarland
written by: Laura Reeves
quanimity's Global happiness
edition would not have been
complete without best-selling
author, Karen Salmansohn, gracing
the pages. Karen has sold over
one million books, one of which is
entitled, "How to Be Happy Dammit".
Karen is also a columnist for Oprah
Winfrey, consultant, designer, and a
new Mommy too! All this after retiring
at the age of 27 as a senior VP award
winning ad writer/creative director!
Sam McFarland, online radio talk
show host of the program, "All Things
Relevant" on Motivational Radio was
kind enough to interview Karen for
us so we have a double treat in store
for you with this interview with Sam
and Karen!
Karen, it is such a pleasure
to meet you! I am so excited and
interested to hear what you are going
to share with us today, as you guide
us through our happiness challenges
and teach how to be happy; do you
mind if we get right to it?
Hi Sam it a pleasure to meet you
too and no not at all I can't wait!
excellent! can you give me your
version of what happiness is?
Happiness is not being caught
up regretting the past or worried about the
future. It's being fully "present" and being
in the "now" appreciating what you have
and having a sense of peacefulness within;
trusting the universe's plan.
I understand; like being in the
Zen of the moment.
Yes, exactly.
why doesn't it just
happen naturally?
People tend to get caught up
thinking "time travelling", too much about
the past or too much about the future. It's
very easy to time travel and the world is set
up with ying's and yang's, for every positive
there's a negative, for every wonderful
thing that happens to someone there is a
potential for the dark shadow side of that.
People have dark shadow sides even from
their good qualities.
No matter how hard we work
we can feel empty. More work, more
money, more status, more things
yet we can still be unhappy and feel
unfulfilled. why is that?
Well, some of that is a good
thing about human nature, which is we
always want to grow, we always want to
stretch ourselves. That quality can make
people change the world or themselves,
but at the same time like I said before, for
every positive there's a negative, it also
has its flipside. We can focus on what we
don't have and not be happy in the now
because we want more. It's important
you appreciate what you have and have
gratitude while still wanting to grow and
stretch. Happiness studies have even
shown that when people create gratitude
journals for themselves they increase their
happiness levels substantially.
why do we wait for things or
money or people to make us happy?
A lot of us feel that happiness
comes from the outside not from the inside
and happiness is definitely an inside job.
When we depend on happiness coming
from external circumstances our external
world is always shifting and changing and
we wind up on a roller coaster ride if we
let ourselves become too attached to the
outside world. This is why you have to
make sure that your happiness is an inside
job. So you are not tossed topsy-turvy as
the world goes through changes
around you.
I like that; "inside job" I like that
a lot! we already know what fills us
with joy, or do we?
We do have a certain sense of
what our core self needs to be happy, but
part of our purpose on the planet is to
get to know ourselves more. I definitely
believe that the purpose of our life is to
find and do the purpose of our life. A lot of
us don't know right away what will make
us happy. We just have to get out there
and sometimes we find out what makes
us happy by going through something that
makes us very unhappy or sometimes we
have to have something taken away from
us. There is a lot of truth to the song lyric,
self expression
highest potential