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The late J.B. Dondolo founded
the Igusi Hospital project in
Africa after visiting a clinic
that lacked the necessities
for assisting individuals in the
community. He started the
project and managed to install
electricity before he fell ill and
had to put the project on hold.
The founders of J.B. Dondolo
have since picked up the project
and identified the next steps
to be completed in order to
bring his vision to completion.
Lumbie Mlambo, founder of J.B.
Dondolo, Inc. wishes to raise
funds for a renovation that will
turn the existing clinic into a
functional hospital. The project
has gained the attention of
various media channels (BBC,
Voice of America, The Valder
Beebe Show, Heaven 97 KVHN,
and The Zimbabwean).
Because renovating a hospital
is such a large undertaking,
the project has been broken
down into four distinct phases.
The first phase will focus on
the renovation of the existing
clinic. The hospital urgently
needs a new water system in
order to access clean water.
Currently, lime deposits are in
the water source and flowing
into the pipelines. Cosmetically,
the hospital needs a new roof
(corroded with asbestos), new
windows, new doors, and a clean coat of paint. All of the bedding in
the hospital needs replacement, and the property needs a fence. Finally,
Igusi Hospital needs to procure basic medical equipment for providing
services to patients.
In phase two, J.B. Dondolo will focus upon extending and building the
hospital. The existing clinic only has two bathrooms, and it requires at
least five new bathrooms with running hot and cold water. Between the
two bathrooms, there is only one toilet near the building. Obviously,
this needs expansion, and the goal is to build five new toilets with sinks
and running hot and cold water. The laundry room is also deficient and
in need of expansion as is the general waiting room. The charity also
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