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Healthy Way
Dr. Oz
Keeps It All
Happening in a
HealTHy Way
By Pavlina Osta
r. Oz, I'll admit, has a lot of
knowledge. But does he
really know much about
beards? And what about
dancing? I didn't think much about
Dr. Oz dancing actually, not at all.
But, lately I see him as a groovin'
doctor who knows what's going on
in the world and what does he do
best? Keeping it all happening in a
healthy way!
I get the call from Dr. Oz for our
interview. He sounds excited to talk;
well, maybe it's not me that got him
excited. He just finished dancing for
a friend's music video to a version of
the song "Blurred Lines," and kids
dancing around and having a good
time, and, of course, staying healthy!
The "Duck Dynasty" guys are fun
people and I interviewed Willie and
Martin a few months ago really nice
people! I never expected them to be
healthy eaters, so you just had them on
your show. Did you find out anything
interesting about their eating habits?