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dr. oz:
I did! You know,
we called the show "Quack
Medicine," [but] I had the entire
family on and they do a lot of
things that are interesting! I had
the duck commander, Phil, bring
a duck liver for me, and I had a
human liver. And we talked about
how we keep our livers healthy
(and sometimes not so healthy),
and he made the argument that
ducks live off the land so they're
healthy, whereas we do all kinds
of things to ourselves not just
the fried foods we eat or the
medication we take, but also that
we get extra weight on board
and damage ourselves. But, the
good news is, the liver has the
remarkable ability to regenerate
and repair itself.
I have a question for you! Uncle
Si, he's the one with the infamous
blue cup? Some say he actually has the healthiest liver because of
what's in that cup! Do you know what's in that cup?
It's the tea right?
dr. oz:
Right! And the tea is not sweet tea. There's no sugar in
it. Real tea is incredibly healthy for the liver! So, if anyone out there
is doing horrible things to their liver at least have a little tea to go
along with it!
So, are you inspired to get a beard now?
dr. oz:
Well, I'm thinking about it! It turns out the length of your
beard is correlated with your testosterone receptors, so we have a
little segment where we measure their beard and see who has the
longest one and then give them some tips on beard management.
Beards are valuable! They suck up all the pollen and prevent
damage to your skin, so they are actually good for men if they can
deal with the cleanliness factor!
Yeah definitely! Any other beard tips?
dr. oz:
Coconut oil helps to keep the beard texture soft and
gives the beard a vibrant glow, so I gave the guys some tips on that!
But, you gotta have someone rub it in for you so that's the good
Kids can be "fast food junkies!" Is there a "good" way
to go fast food?
dr. oz:
There is! And, you don't have to have a salad at
McDonald's and I know you're not going to do it anyway! Most of
the foods you desire with minor modifications. For example, if you
go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken then take the skin off. The moist
meat is still there and that gets rid of most of the junk that you don't
want in your body.
I never thought of that. I'm a vegetarian, but that's still
a good idea.
dr. oz:
My wife is a vegetarian and you can go to Taco Bell and
get the fresh vegetable tacos, which are fine for people who want to
watch what they're eating. But, you can go to fast food restaurants
and eat the wrong things as well. So, if pay attention to what you're
doing, you can get away with a lot of stuff!
What advice would you like every teenage girl to have
about a better and healthy life?
dr. oz:
The most important thing is that your external beauty
is a barometer of your inner health. If you go around the world
and ask people what they think is beautiful, we all have different
preferences--nose, eye color, hair length--but, we all share the
belief that healthy skin is the best sign that you're healthy on the
inside. So, if you want your skin to look good on the outside,
make sure you're eating the right foods. These are the foods of the
rainbow: whole foods. These are the foods that come out of the
ground ... and those foods are the foods that will keep you looking
fabulous your whole life!
Dr. Oz has a lot going on. Whether he's dancing on a video to
promote exercise for kids, dabbling in a little feast of squirrel meat
with "Duck Dynasty," or talking eating healthy with First Lady
Michelle Obama he's making an impact by encouraging everyone
to be healthy!