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Scenes With Brett
heart & soul
He reflects on how he's grown over the years, both personally
and professionally.
"As a pre-teen, I was in my throwback jersey phase, with every
Nike Air Force 1 [sneakers] to match!" he recalls. "My style
then evolved, and as a teen I wore a lot of Hugo Boss, Polo,
and Burberry." His three fashion must-haves? "Great shoes,
jacket, and shirt; it's that simple."
In 2014, Johnson explains that his collection expands to
"shirts, pants, and accessories in luxurious fabrics; all new
designs." He adds: "I'm very excited about what I'm about
to release to the world."
When Johnson isn't designing clothes for the oh-so-
stylish male, he finds ways to give back and pursue other
creative pursuits.
"My heart will always be invested in sports, education,
entertainment, music, and the arts--or a combination
thereof," he says. In fact, he co-produced the acclaimed Lee
Daniels' film The Butler, which received favorable reviews
this summer.
"Historic biographies always intrigue me," he says, of his
interest in the film. "It's important to revisit the past through
the lens of the present context."
As Johnson continues to carve out a niche for himself in the
fashion world, he makes sure he never forgets his roots--and
his motivators.
"Both of my parents inspire me," he says. "To create BET and
now their other companies while growing up with very little
financial means is truly remarkable."
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