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look younger than they really are. This is why we
went into the cosmetic surgery business, so that
we could help not JUST women, but PEOPLE, feel
confident on the outside."
Grant's dream of creating a televised award show
in Dallas, Texas came true when she partnered with
CBS 11 and KTXA 21. This year marks the first time
that WTS will be televised. It will air on TXA 21 on
Sunday, December 9, from 7 to 9 p.m. central time
and again on Sunday, December 15, from 7 to 8
p.m. central time. Her vision to grow is globally is
feasible and within reach. "My vision for WTS is to
grow the brand globally and continue to develop
content and events that empower, inspire, and
change the lives of women and become a major
player among media companies that develop and
distribute content," says Grant.
WTS was by far the community outreach event of
the year in 2013. The organization donated a portion
of the ticket sales to the Memnosyne Foundation,
a local charity helping women who are victims of
violence and abuse. WTS was a big success, proving
that Grant continues to demonstrate that she not
only believes in her foundation's ability to reward
women entrepreneurs who are making a difference,
but that she is also a Woman That Soars!
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