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We asked Grant how she selects women that soar. She said,
"The women must have a professional or personal story
where they overcame and `soared' to success! Their story
must empower or inspire other women."
WTS held a VIP reception where local celebrity Courtney
Kerr (KTXD-TV) made it very clear that "Young girls should
never take NO for an answer, they should simply use words
like CAN'T and IMPOSSIBLE as ammunition to prove
[their] doubters wrong. Women must use the negativity
from friends, family, and outsiders as fuel to become a
Woman That Soars." Also enjoying the VIP reception and
company was Telea Stafford of Phenixx Marketing & Media.
She commented, "Women That Soar is [not just] about
empowerment, but really finding what your `authentic' self
is and never stopping. If you're not doing what you want to
do, the next day you should get up and do more. For me, I
want to look back each year and think I've done something
different. I don't want to be the person you meet a year
from now [who has] the same story to tell. To me, Women
That Soar is about doing something bigger and better. So,
put on the best shoes you have and kick the doors down."
WTS also held a scrumptious dinner for all attendees and
honorees where author and award-winning hairstylist Stacy
Snapp Killian stated, "I will always support women doing
positive things. I was sexually abused growing up, and I
had to learn how to love myself. I love energy, and Gina
Grant has tons of it."
Backstage during the award show, singer Michelle Williams
stated, "We as women must be best in our craft. We must
be strong and remain loyal to ourselves. In this world, you
will face racism and sexism, but God will place someone in
your life who will recognize you and open doors for you.
God has the last say. Just continue to soar." Dawn Neufeild
(honoree) shared her secret in becoming a Woman That
Soars. "You must find a balanced life. You achieve this by
celebrate you
Women That Soar
having people in your corner that care about you and can
support and help you attain your goals."
WTS ended the night with a post-party where Mrs. and
Mr. Adelglass (founders of SKINTASTIC) stated, "There
is so much in the women community that we could ALL
be doing starting with the basics, making women
and girls feel good about themselves in and out. There
is so much pressure in today's world causing young girls
to THINK they need to look older than they really are.
There is so much pressure for women to think they MUST