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Woman in the Mirror
Facing the Woman
in the Mirror
By Steffanie Rivers
h e n y o u ' v e b e e n
overweight for most of
your life, as was Tory
Johnson, you might come to think
that weight loss is only something
other people can achieve. After
all, Johnson had met and married
the man of her dreams and was
working her dream job despite being
overweight. Johnson is a weekly
contributor on Good Morning
. And although most women
in the TV and entertainment business
typically are Barbie-doll thin, Johnson
has managed to carve out a niche for
herself on the top-ranked national
morning show that has six million
viewers. But it was her first meeting
with her new boss that Johnson
said caused her to face the woman
the mirror.
"It wasn't what she said, but it was
what she didn't say," remembers
Johnson of their first meeting. "She
spoke a lot about `image.' She never
said anything directly about my
weight, but I got the message loud
and clearly," said Johnson, adding
that it was the fear of losing her job
and all the privileges the job brought
that caused her to seriously pursue
weight loss.
Twelve months and one hundred
pounds later, Johnson has written
a book about her weight loss
breakthrough. "Shift: How I Finally
Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier
Life," debuted at #1 on the New York
best-seller list. Johnson made
a stop in Dallas last September to
promote her book.
Her personal "shift," said Johnson,
was about turning away from things
that kept her from reaching her goals.
Her vice: movie theater popcorn
and Diet Pepsi--DP for short.
Johnson said she easily drank a six
pack a day. Now she sticks mostly
to water and coffee, because, she
said, "carbonated drinks are a silent,
deadly concoction." And since she
has never been able to resist the big
tub of popcorn with butter and salt at
the movies, Johnson said she and her
husband had to cancel their weekly
date night. "We just don't go to the
movies anymore," she said.
A change in her eating habits, coupled
with moderate exercise, were just part
of Johnson's equation. The third and
equally important part for Johnson
was to "learn to dismiss those from
your life who make your goals
tougher," said Johnson. "The friend
who offers you sweets or pushes you
to keep bad eating habits" must go.
Johnson used a five-step shift, which
is applicable to business and other
areas of goal setting: Step One:
How fed up are you? Step Two:
What am I willing to give up to reach
my goals? Step Three: Develop a
detailed plan for how many glasses
of water a day you will drink, plan
your meals to avoid impulse eating,
and move more. If you're a frequent
traveler--especially for work--take
your meals on the road. Take the
stairs instead of the elevator. And
realize that five minutes of exercise
is better than none. Step Four:
Remain accountable every day for
your actions. Step Five: Embrace
patience and celebrate victories.
Johnson said losing weight happens
with consistent effort, because there
is no quick fix.
Since losing weight, Johnson not only
relishes looking in the mirror; she
also ended her ten-year hiatus from
the doctor's office. I was afraid of the
"weight conversation," said Johnson."
But, not anymore."
How Tory Johnson Made the
"Shift" and Changed Her Life