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NIRA Corp, an emerging software company that has integrated a professional
business model with cutting-edge technology, is launching a new version of its app
called My Fashion Assistant, or MFA for short. The previous MFA app was mostly
used by celebrities. SNIRA pulled the app out for a few months to make it more user-
friendly and added functionality to support every possible need. MFA will be released
worldwide at the end of 2013 during the holiday season.
I had the opportunity to ask MFA guru Chithra Kannan a few questions, which you may
find useful:
An App Can Organize
Your Closet
How To uSe THe mfa app
mfa app is very simple to use.
Import your wardrobe using the iPhone, iPod Touch or
Android platforms.
Add your items to your closet.
Add the items you desire to your fitting room.
Put outfits together visually, thanks to the unique
and amazing three-panel fashion assistant slider and
fashion creation engine--which allow you to mix tops,
bottoms, shoes, bags, accessories, and more--and
save them into specific fashion categories for quick
Slide, swipe, and tap through items and create outfits
for every occasion,
Layer and accessorize your outfits with up to six
accessories, including handbags, belts, watches, rings,
necklaces, earrings, bracelets, glasses, sunglasses,
and more!
Window-shop online at your favorite stores and
compare items with your current wardrobe.
Schedule and keep track of what you wore using the
item and outfit calendars.
Be organized, even if your closet's a mess!
Share items and outfits with friends to get their
valuable fashion feedback.
Never forget what you own by taking your wardrobe
with you wherever you go!
Organize items and outfits in specific fashion
categories, so that you can look them up anytime.
Receive expert fashion tips with the daily fashion fix.
It's paper dolls...redefined!
By Lumbie mlambo
Lumbie mLambo (Lm):
What is My Fashion Assistant?
cHiTHra Kannan (cK):
My Fashion Assistant is one of
the best apps for viewing your closet on your phone or
laptop. You can shop, save, and amp up your style. It acts
as your very own stylist by keeping track of what you have,
what you wear, and what you want, and it allows you to
mix and match it all. It even helps you plan trips--it's the
ultimate fashion organizer!
Who will love the MFA app?
Anyone who ever wished they could review the
contents of their closet without standing in front of it. The
app allows people to take photos of their clothes, shoes,
accessories, and handbags, import them into their iPhone
or Android device, and visually mix and match them to
create outfits, plan for an upcoming trip or event, window-
shop online, and most importantly, never forget each and
every item in their wardrobe.