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N.Y. Boutique
heart and soul
business. We have since assisted clients
from locally owned and operated
businesses like Capitol Mattress, the
largest independently owned mattress
dealer in the Capital Region, to
emerging national brands like Yogibo,
a creator of bean-bag furniture."
Ever heard of the word "KISS"? Keep
It Simple Stupid, so they call it. Well,
it turns out it works for anything. In
the business world, it works for new
businesses looking to brand. Think
about brand development, tag lines,
slogans, identity and all that. This all
sounds very familiar to Bastien because
that's what his boutique does--but,
they keep it simple! "I can tell you
about the kind of things we value here
and what we take into consideration
when branding. I definitely want to see
simplicity work," adds Bastien. "The
companies that are growing right now
have implemented simplicity. Those
that make a difference are those that
have simplified a lot. Business works a
lot better when we're
human beings rather
than robots. At BG,
we care about being
humans first. The
people that you work
with, whoever they
are, are human beings.
S i m p l i c i t y w o r k s !
Taglines, slogans ...
keep it simple ...
humanize it ...give it
an identity easy to understand, easy
to correspond to." The short answer
is `Every brand can take advantage of
BG is a unique boutique. Their
employees tend to be young
professionals and they plan to keep it
that way. They maintain a transparent
company culture that uniquely
compliments their
lifestyles as young,
healthy, and energetic
professionals. "The
experience I'm giving
to our customers is
different. We're very
technologically savvy
here ...just gadgets
and devices," says
Bastien. "From the
business point of
view, the biggest
thing that sets us
a p a r t f r o m o u r
competitors is that
we are human beings and customer
service is a part of who we are. We're
a part of our clients' lives. It's not like
we're doing extra work; it's who we are,
we are human beings and we take care
of our customers on a personal level.
We go beyond to satisfy their needs."
Jacques and the team at BG may be fairly
new, but they are sought out by various
businesses locally and nationally to
solve traditional marketing problems
with digital solutions. As they continue
to grow, perhaps they'll be known for
their signature, the value they give
their client, and who they are--human
beings going above and beyond to
satisfy their clients' needs. This may be
what businesses need to grow. BG is
positioned to help. More information is
available at