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Ben Lecomte
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What Is
Your Impact?
By Lumbie mlambo | Photography by Bongani mlambo
s Ben Lecomte swimming the Pacific Ocean? This
question is asked frequently. The answer is always "Yes,
he is swimming." Yet, to be honest, the swim is much
more than making it across the ocean: it is a journey of
passion. An affirmative answer alone does not reveal the
importance of this swim, which will result in providing
sustainable outcomes concerning health and other aspects.
For Ben, the longest swim is tied not only to his passion
but also to achieving happiness--swimming brings him
comfort. He finds peace in the water which in turn brings
about happiness in his life. He is a simple family man
taking the extraordinary step to stretch the limits of the
human spirit and beliefs. Ben is able to make the swim
actually relevant by allowing us to
not only imagine the possibilities
but to see his journey as he swims.
Ben will interact with people from
anywhere in the world by giving
them an interactive platform on
which they can equally express
themselves and share their ideas.
"The Longest Swim brings people
together. The event carries a
message to dream, live your
passion and be happy," elaborates
Ben. "My mission is to use this
unique event to engage people throughout the world to
collectively work toward finding solutions to issues that
affect us all at the global level."
Recently, Ben partnered with The Excedo Group, a global
sports management company. The Excedo Group creates
unique events and works with extreme athletes who stretch
the limits of what the human body is capable of--hence,
their tagline "Making Extraordinary from Ordinary!" What
a perfect match for Ben!
"It is good to know there are people like Ben. Things we do
can make a difference globally. Very few take the step that
no one else has," says Mohith Kumar of The Excedo Group.
There is a structural team in place. The goal is for Ben to
get in the water and start swimming. As Equanimity follows
Ben on his preparation, we didn't hesitate to ask his team
about their happiness.
Mohith answered, "Happiness is in our backyard, but we
go out of our way to find it. If we don't take the steps, how
do we make history? The important lesson is: don't go too
far searching for inspiration; it's right in our own house."
Ben answered, "With this event I have the unique
opportunity to play my role, make a difference and make
the world a better place; as a father, this is my responsibility.
I want to show my children that no matter how different
one might be, we can all find our
place in the world, pursue our
happiness, follow our dreams
and make a difference."
It would be exciting to see how
the swim unfolds. I use the
term "exciting" because this
is a highly anticipated event;
many people are very anxious
to see it. Life-changing things
are worth waiting for. From the
beginning of Ben's preparation
for the swim, I have noticed his
calmness, passion, and patience. He knows he will swim
soon. I am fascinated by his positivity regarding swimming.
As Ben commented, "Our lives depend on the health of
the earth, but the health of the earth depends on how we
decide to live our lives. Swimming for me is like sculpting
for a sculptor. It is my way of expressing myself. I have
never experienced anything else like it that brings me this
level of fulfilment. It is my passion."
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