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MegaFest Conference
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"Passion directs your heart, mind,
and soul. And God directs your
steps," Cloud told scores of people
during his appearance in Dallas. But
if a person has grown up unable to
express his/her creative, passionate
side, those experiences--or lack
thereof--can hold the person back
from reaching his/her full potential.
Since nobody can undo their
past, Cloud said the only way to
overcome a passionless past is to
seek out what you're passionate
about today and go where you
are appreciated and allowed to
express yourself. When it comes
to building relationships, Cloud
said most people focus on outward
appearances. They spend more
time searching for someone with
the right build, eye or hair color,
or a compatible fashion sense.
Instead, according to Cloud, people
should focus on connecting with
people who are more cognitively
compatible. Build relationships
with others who are of like mind
and emotions.
Cloud said it's the first rule of
leadership: when people who lead
others get great results, it says
more about the followers than the
leaders. "It shows followers are in a
place where they feel free to express
their passion and, as a result, feel
appreciated so they are more likely
to reach their full potential. Because
nobody can reach their full potential
by themselves, the person who is
better at helping others to unlock
their creative passions is bound to
be recognized as a better leader."