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finding happiness
11 Ways to Find Happiness
by Laura Lilley Smith
opTimize your Life and environmenT ...
At you will receive suggestions of permanent
life changes to help you become happier. The site also provides
a happiness test along with other tests that will measure your
life expectancy and provide you with helpful hints to keep you
happy and healthy.
THrive ...
If is not your cup of tea, try the book Thrive by
New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner it's all about
finding and sustaining Happiness.
reLocaTe To denmarK ...
According to a United Kingdom analytical psychologist
who made a world-wide happy map after receiving 80,000
responses to what makes people happy... the happiest place
in the world is Denmark because (drum roll please) good
healthcare, a higher gross
domestic product per capita,
and access to education.
daiLy doSe ...
David Leonhart will send you a
daily dose of happiness via email.
Go to the and sign
up, it's free!
exerciSe ...
According to the Cochrane
review (a study based on
randomized controlled trials)
exercise has a clinical impact on
improving mental well-being and
lowering incidence of depression.
purpoSe ...
Find your purpose and use
those strengths and virtues for
something greater than your own
personal goals.
poSiTive THinKinG ...
The Power of Positivity by Henrick Edberg, and the old
standard The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent
Peale. Edberg's book is a newer version of Peale's "change
your thoughts and change your world" attitude. In Edberg's
book you'll find how to handle failure and eight ways to get rid
of negativity - all to bring you closer to the "h" word.
educaTe yourSeLf ...
Get happy assignments from Sharon Chumash at the Certified and trained by Marci Shimoff,
author of the bestselling books Happy for No Reason and Love
for No Reason
. Sharon teaches how to be happy in your life
through loving what is.
unLeaSH your creaTiviTy ...
Pursue something you enjoy, step out of your comfort zone.
poSiTive enerGy ...
Surround yourself with positive energy.
Stick post-it-notes with positive
messages around your house and at
work or set an alarm at certain times of
the day on your phone with a positive
reLax ...
Grab some popcorn, and rent an old
movie. We like "Pursuit of Happiness" a
feel good movie starring Will Smith and
son Jaden.