Wine Wisdom CORKAGE & BUDGETS Ask venues if you can order your own wines. What is their corkage fee? There could be flexibility to negotiate. Include both wine costs and corkage fees in your wine budget. HERE ARE A FEW POINTERS TO HELP YOU “BREATHE” WHEN MAKING WINE DECISIONS FOR YOUR WEDDING CELEBRATIONS. HOW MUCH WINE? Some sources suggest ordering about 0.5 bottles of wine per person in equal amounts of red and white. In summer months, order more white than red. WINE QUERIES GO WITH WHAT YOU LOVE You can never make everybody happy. As bride and groom, pleasing you is paramount. Make a short list of grape varietals or countries’ wines that you both like and consider not only menu items but spices and sauces, etc. when making complementary wine selections. Sommelier, wine producer and importer Andrew von Teichman of Union Wines suggests couples include these questions in their must-ask list when they consult wine suppliers: • Can you provide us with a sample of each wine we are interested in so we can pair it with our wedding menu tasting? • Will you work closely with our venue on pricing, delivery and returns to ensure the experience is pain-free and cost-effective? • What, in your opinion, is your #1 red and #1 white wine selection for a wedding and why? Remember to toast each other once you have decided on your wine choices — you deserve it! WE Wedding Essentials 2013 97