beauty BRIDE: Christina MAKEUP: Amanda Mutti HAIR: Sarrah Majkut STYLIST: Michelle de Sousa ACCESSORIES: Bitter Sweet PHOTO: MPSG Inc. | LIPS DOS (AND SOME DON’TS) FOR KISSABLE MOMENTS By T.P. Black Smiling, kissable, provocatively pouting, exquisitely erogenous...LIPS....On her wedding day every bride wants to have perfect lips. On this day-of-a-lifetime her lips will be on display, and in action, throughout all the celebrations. From that all-important, intimate first kiss of bride and groom to luscious lips on display for wedding photographs and video, lips are front and centre. Treat lips with respect and plan ahead to make sure they are looking their best. Luscious Lip Tips Lips’ outer and inner layers are much thinner than those in skin. While most of your skin has oil glands to moisturize, lips do not, so they tend to dry out and chap. THREE DON’TS. Don’t lick, pick or smoke if you want your lips to look their best. Never lick your lips; the enzymes in saliva will dry them out. Picking at dry lips makes things worse. Smoking reduces oxygen going to your lips, drying them out, aging them faster, creating fine lines around the mouth and adds nicotine stains. HYDRATE. Keep lips moisturized from the inside out by drinking at least eight, 8-10 oz. glasses of water each day. HUMIDIFY. Canadian winters wreak havoc on lips, with frigid temperatures outside and dry air inside. Be sure the air in your bedroom has adequate humidity; use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. BE GENTLE. Whenever you are treating lips or applying lipstick or gloss, be very gentle so as not to damage those smoochers. EXFOLIATE. Remove dry, dead skin from your lips with a gentle exfoliation. Purchase a ready-made product or create your own. Among mix-it-yourself recipes is a mixture of equal parts of brown sugar, honey and olive oil or a paste of white sugar and honey. Apply to your lips and remove by wiping off very gently with a wet cloth in circular motions. Follow with a lip moisturizer or balm. MOISTURIZE. Use quality lip balms or moisturizers to keep your lips well moisturized. Avoid balms with drying ingredients. Be sure to apply products before you go to bed for maximum benefit. PROTECT. Unlike skin that contains more melanin, lips lack protection against UV rays. They can burn and, if subjected to injurious rays over time, can develop lip cancers. Use a good lip sunscreen and carry it with you. PLUMP. To create that sexy illusion of fuller lips, outline your lips with a lip liner a shade lighter than the lip colour you plan to use. EAT RIGHT. For great lips, eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants — think colourful vegetables and fruits. Omega-3 fatty acids are another key, so include fatty fish, walnuts, and plant oils like olive oil and flaxseed oil on your menu regularly. 102 Wedding Essentials 2013