Lip Syncs GOING GATSBY. Red lips are an iconic element of the Gatsby-era look. Picture cupid’s bow, bright, but not shiny. Daring and darling, matte crimson can have subtle undertones of orange through black cherry, for many different alluring looks. Practice a pretty pout to show bow lips to best advantage! AU NATUREL. The nude look for lips remains on trend. This is not as easy to achieve as one might imagine, so have fun experimenting with different products.This look can spell demure or sexy, depending on your attitude. PRETTY PINK. From shockingly pink through pastel pinks — pink, perfectly pretty pinks remain poised to set a bride’s lips aglow. Pink lips can be bold or bashful, soft or strong, girly or glam and gorgeous. LIP LOCKS The first kiss as a married couple is a highlight of the wedding ceremony. It can be a declaration of so many things — passion, love, friendship, tenderness, commitment. Everyone is watching closely — your parents and all your guests from nana to youngsters. It is being videographed and photographed “for the record” for all time. You’ve probably seen the virgin kiss video that went viral showing a couple having their very first lip lock at their wedding ceremony. The result was a bridal smooch that definitely would have been more appropriate behind closed doors. Embarrassing or what... PUCKER PREP It’s probably a good idea to have a chat ahead of time with your groom, not to choreograph that special moment, which should be delightfully spontaneous, but to make sure both of you know each other’s feelings. You may be fine with a passionate kiss in front of your parents; your groom might blush at very thought of more than a “peck” in front of his granny. “To dip” or “not to dip” could be another topic for discussion. What about practising the wedding ceremony kiss? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Watch the demonstration of the “church tongue kiss” in The Wedding Singer movie. The key thing to remember here is that your first bridal kiss is exactly that...yours. WE Wedding Essentials 2013 103