planet ontario ewlyweds Elizabeth and Andrew Douglas share a love of boating, so it was only natural to have wedding photos taken at The Oakville Club in Oakville Harbour. From the time she was a little girl, Elizabeth spent summer days in canoes and rowboats. Andrew enjoyed every summer at his family’s Muskoka cottage, which was water-access only. After the two met, Andrew taught Elizabeth how to drive a power boat and also took her on kayak tours around his island. Next up is learning to sail. Andrew’s interest in history is reflected in the choice of a vintage boat for photographs, so three of the great N loves of his life are represented in this wedding photo — his bride, boating and history. The couple’s passion for ancestry inspired the groom to wear Scottish attire throughout the day, including a Douglas Tartan kilt and sporran — a Gaelic pouch. Befitting the formal occasion, he draped a fly plaid, secured with a stone brooch, over one shoulder. Elizabeth incorporated her Indian heritage by wearing an Indian bridal outfit for their reception. Elizabeth and Andrew, we wish you smooth sailing as you continue to learn and explore together throughout many years to come... WE 114 Wedding Essentials 2013 PHOTO: Zoey Heath, Arts and Craft Photography | | 519.621.7344