ESTEE LAUDER SUMPTUOUS EXTREME WATERPROOF MASCARA Designed to provide extreme volume, lift and curves for lashes that appear to multiply, magnify and grow, this Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara aims to do the job even when wet. Water hazards like tears, rain, salt water, chlorinated water and humidity are all said not to affect this mascara’s performance. JANE IRELAND QUAD BRONZER — ROSE DAWN Divas take note — this quad bronzer contains 24-karat gold flakes to help subtly create a golden goddess look. Available in Moonglow, Sunbeam or Rose Dawn, each container has four shades to create your individual look. Created for use on cheeks, eyes, lips or as an all-over bronzer. Change your look to suit your every mood. EMANI MINERAL COLOR DUST Available in a wide range of shades for contours, highlighters, neutrals and brights, these 100% pure mineral pigments have been created for eyes, lips or face. Free of talc or fillers, the product goes on sheer but can be applied with a wet brush for an intense finish. Blend with Lip Base Transformer to invent your own lip shades. Names like Goldfinger, Doll Face, Java Java and Kryptonite echo the variety of hues. LISE WATIER OMBRE SOUFFLE Created with a silky, airy texture by combining a cream, a powder and a foam, the ultra-rich pigments in this collection have iridescent colours and bright, multicoloured reflections. Anti-aging and long-lasting, with antioxidant properties, Ombre Souffle contains Labrador Tea Extract to help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to protect the delicate skin of the eye area. Names like Ciel de Nuit, Magie Noire and Sunrise Peach suggest the mood of each hue. Wedding Essentials 2013 47