Wedding Flowers Tips By Caroline Estrella electing flowers for a wedding can be a daunting task or a wonderfully delightful treat. Here are a few pointers to help you enjoy the process. S DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Look at the flowers in bridal magazines, on the web, in books and even take a field trip through greenhouses and flower shops. Keep a file of photos of flowers you like and dislike. SET YOUR BUDGET. Be realistic and be honest so your florist can help you achieve your desired look for all your wedding flowers. BOOK EARLY. Wedding florists may only accept a certain number of bookings per day, so select your florist six months to a year before your wedding. PRIORITIZE. Choose your bridal gown first. Then select your bridal bouquet, which sets the scene for all other wedding flowers. The size of the bouquet should match the size of the dress. A large bouquet can overpower a short or formfitting gown. If you want to showcase a specific gown feature, be sure your bouquet won’t cover it. Devote the appropriate care and budget in selecting the perfect bridal bouquet; it must complement your gown, flatter your figure and suit your personality. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Do you want a round, formal bouquet, a trailing or cascade bouquet, a posy — often hand-tied with ribbon, or a sheath or arm-held bouquet? One colour or many colours? A few large flowers or many small ones? Greenery? Ribbon? Accents like crystals or pearls? Keepsake mementos? RELAX, ENJOY. There is no right or wrong in your selection of flowers. Be true to yourself and to your wedding vision and you will make superb decisions. WE Wedding Essentials 2013 81