ans of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress will instantly recognize the charismatic fashion guru of Kleinfeld’s Bridal, Randy Fenoli, who has met thousands of brides during his career. He gives a wealth of advice in his book, It’s All About The Dress. The excerpts here give key advice from this bridal expert. Randy’s definition of the ‘right’ gown is “the gown you fall in love with. The gown that makes you cry and makes you glow! It’s the dress that tells the story of you and your fiancé. It’s the dress that will make you throw your shoulders back when you look in the mirror and say: ‘This is it!’”. Ask yourself a wide range of questions to figure out the specific details of your story. What is your personal style? What kind of music do you listen to? When you go out, what do you like to wear? What specific words best describe you? Your fiancé? How do you want your dress to make you feel and what do you want it to say to your guests? Do you want to look sexy, understated, modern, chic, traditional? With a few key words about her and her fiancé, maybe the type of silhouette she would like to wear, and maybe the amount she would like to spend, we begin to form a clear picture of the bride’s story. The fact is that any bride — even the most organized, even you — may get overwhelmed by the process of finding a wedding gown. Finding a gown is like finding a husband. Sometimes you fall in love with the first guy you meet; sometimes it’s the hundred-and-first guy. You never know what you might discover or fall in love with when you shop for a dress. Eight to twelve months before, begin shopping for your gown. In general it takes around six to eight months for a dress to be ordered and delivered to a salon. You will need F to work around that time frame, factoring the extra time you will need to find accessories and get alterations. Anytime you try on a new dress, consider these components separately and together. SILHOUETTE The shape of the dress. The shape of the skirt helps define it. FRONT NECKLINE The top of the bodice, which defines your upper body and helps to frame your face, neck, and shoulders. BACK NECKLINE The back of the bodice, which defines your back, neck and shoulders. BODICE The bodice defines your bust, waist, and hips. WAISTLINE How a dress fits in relation to your natural waistline. PETTICOAT OR CRINOLINE The fabric or foundation that’s used under a skirt to help hold its shape or silhouette. TRAIN The length of the back of the skirt. Everyone has an opinion. Make sure yours is heard. When making changes to a dress, always get the details in writing. No matter what shape or size you are, the right gown can make any woman more beautiful! WE { BRIDAL BUZZ Kleinfeld’s is coming to Canada. Hudson’s Bay recently announced that a 20,000 square foot floor in the Queen Street Toronto store will become bridal gown central for fans of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. Kleinfeld Bridal prides itself on its high level of service. That will translate to Canada in two ways: consultants will be schooled in New York and Kleinfeld will bring its training expertise to the Toronto bridal floor. Appointment bookings will commence in early 2014 in advance of a planned April 2014 opening. Wedding Essentials 2013 65