a real-life destination wedding Angela & Trevor NEVER SAY NEVER TO FOREVER VOWS — A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY & A WHOLE LOT JAMAICA B efore these two met, fell in love and decided to take marriage vows, Angela Doucette and Trevor Grasby already shared something in common — a personal motto. Each had made a life decision, that they would never, ever marry. However, as lovers know, when Cupid’s aim is on target, everything changes. Before long, never, ever turned into celebrations for happily-everafter for this couple. FACEBOOK & FACE-TO-FACE Friends of friends, Trevor met Angela at a surprise birthday party where both were guests. Doing some sleuthing later on a Facebook friends’ list, he found that girl he was looking for — Angela. He messaged, she responded, they dined, laughed together and discovered they had a lot in common. ISLAND PROPOSAL The stunning islands of the Caribbean feature prominently in the lives of this duo. On a trip to the Turks and Caicos, they joined friends for dinner at Hemingway’s Restaurant on Providenciales Island. Trevor took Angela aside and proposed to her, holding an engagement ring in his hand. Angela relates that she “started to cry and said yes! Then I kissed him. Kissed him a lot!” Running back into the restaurant, still crying, she showed her girlfriend her ring and asked her to be her maid-of-honour. By then more friends from the island had arrived at the restaurant, in time to join in engagement celebrations that continued long into the night. 18 Wedding Essentials 2013