a real-life wedding HONEYMOON & TRAVEL Winding down after all the wedding planning was a delight on the laid-back Adriatic Coast of Croatia. The couple rented a car and drove up the beautiful, winding coastline, staying in little villas by the ocean. They later met ten aunts and uncles and 28 first cousins in Ivan’s family. For a pair who have camped out on the Serengeti, white water rafted on the mighty Nile, cliff-jumped in Mexico, danced during carnival in Rio and hiked through majestic Brazilian rainforests, a shared love of travel is bound to lead to new adventures. WE Working Out IF YOU’VE EVER WATCHED SAPHIA KHAMBALIA on CityNews you know she’s the real deal. Caring, charismatic, passionate, thorough and down-to-earth. Here’s the scoop on the girl with the big smile and an even bigger heart, from Wedding Essentials chatting with the girl behind the TV screen. HAIRBRUSH MICROPHONE “As a little girl, I put on shows, using a hairbrush for a microphone. For me reporting isn’t a job, isn’t a career — it’s a passion. I feel so privileged to be trusted enough to tell peoples’ stories in such an intimate way. When I wake up I never know what I will be doing, where I will be going, who I am going to meet that day.” THE ROAD TO THE BIG SMOKE When she volunteered in high school for the local paper and cable station, working behind the scenes, Saphia found “an incredible world opened up for me... I knew that this was it! And the great thing is, I still have that feeling”. Her journey has taken her on a circle tour, from a summer job at CityNews to reporting in Sudbury, shooting an independent film in East Africa, CBC videographer work in Windsor and, in 2010 helping host CBC coverage of the FIFA World Cup. She returned to City as a reporter for City and CityNews Channel. HANDLING THE HIGHS AND LOWS Saphia’s view of handling her job is illuminating. “It’s heart-wrenching to be covering a murder, a horrific car accident, a fire or a bomb scare. But I never want to lose getting emotionally connected or become desensitized.” The ups are soul-soaring. Holding a newly-born baby whose mom just gave birth by the side of Highway 407. Looking into the eyes of someone just after being given a second chance at life by a Good Samaritan. From a distance of a few feet from a taut cable separating triumph from tragedy, watching Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls into history. Bridal Gown Designer: Gaula by Pronovias Bridal Gown Shop: Bridal Fashion Fraire | Toronto | 416.598.3174 Reception Gown: Jasmine Bridal Style #F479 | Best for Bride | 416.233.3393 Hair: Erin Wright | Mercedes Salon & Day Spa | Hamilton | 905.525.4321 Makeup: Angela Gina Pirrera | 905.928.6574 Flowers: Westdale Florists | Hamilton | 905.527.4127 Ceremony Music: The Sorelli Duet | 905.464.6732 Reception Venue: Art Gallery of Hamilton | 905.527.6610 Cake: La Bakeri | Hamilton | 905.383.3667 DJ: Dave Hinton, DJ Central Music Services | 905.842.3015 Live Band: Žice | Hamilton | 905.928.3808 Videographer: Howe Video | Hamilton | 905.639.0960 Photographer: Clint Russell | Renaissance Studios Photography | 905.864.9300 Photographer for Indian Wedding: Luca Salvatore Photography | 905.977.7000 COPING SKILLS Saphia and Ivan have developed strategies to maintain their close relationship, given their high pressure careers. Saphia says they are “each other’s place separate from all going on in the world”. Being on constantly changing schedules, face time is a very precious commodity that Ivan describes as “our time to put each other, and our relationship, first”. 76 Wedding Essentials 2013