and used eye shadow, kohl and mascara. Jazz was the music of the era and was denounced in press and pulpit alike. Anne Shaw Faulkner’s article in the August 1921 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal titled “Does Jazz Put The Sin In Syncopation?” wrote that “a number of scientific men...declare that...very frequently those under the demoralizing influence of the persistent use of syncopation...are actually incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, right and wrong”. Dances like the Charleston, Black Bottom and Shimmy, very shocking to many of the older generation, became all the rage. Some dance invitations even specified there would be a “corset check room” available. Flappers threw out their pantaloons and heavy corsets and replaced them with stepin panties that allowed freedom of movement and comfort. Long skirts and sleeves were replaced by skirts just around the knee and sleeveless dresses. High heels completed the silhouette. PHOTOS: Joseph Muscat | EVENT DESIGNER & STYLIST: Oh So Chic Celebrations | Wedding Essentials 2013 69