GATSBY ERA ELEMENTS Brides choosing to echo the 1920s Gatsby era in their celebrations have lots of inspiration when selecting elements from that vibrant age. Among them are: • Short hair in a bob cut, with finger waves, straight or with curls. • Matte finishes for makeup. Elements include bright red lips in a bow shape, showed to best advantage with a pout. Smokey eyes accented with dramatic eyelashes and varying amounts of blush complete the look. • Dresses with dropped waistlines with the skirt starting at the hip line. Think sleeveless, plunging backs and option of a low-cut neckline. • Gloves, long and tightly-fitting, to add glamour. • Headbands with sequins, beads and feathers or tightly-fitting cloche hats in materials from straw to ornately-beaded fabrics. Feather hairpieces or bandeaus with sequins, beadwork and feathers are also 1920s mood-appropriate. • Long necklaces of pearls or beads, often worn in layers for maximum effect. • Boyish silhouettes with a straight up-anddown look that minimizes breasts and ignores the waistline. • Adornment. Don’t be shy about using lace, sequins, beads, feathers and fringes. 1920s’ SLANG The flapper sub-culture even created its own sub-language, English sprinkled with liberal doses of slang. We can thank the flappers for everyday terms we use today like gangster, crush, blind date, big cheese, Java, pushover, necking, petting, party crasher and upchucking as well as these: • Bees’ Knees, Cat’s Meow, Cat’s Pajamas — terrific • Beeswax — business, affair • Bump Off — murder • Chicago Typewriter — submachine gun • Dead Soldier — empty beer or whisky bottle • Dick — private investigator • Dough — money • Fire Extinguisher — chaperone • Frame — falsify evidence, set somebody up • Giggle Water — alcohol • Hair of the Dog — some alcohol taken the morning after too much alcohol • Handcuff — engagement ring • It — sex appeal • John — toilet • Kisser — lips • Knock Up — impregnate WE 70 Wedding Essentials 2013