from the publisher Wedding Essentials Vol. 15, No. 1 Summer/Fall 2013 PUBLISHER John Webster EDITORIAL EDITOR Judy Johnson COPY EDITOR Dave Jones CONTRIBUTORS Jonathan Barratt | T.P. Black | Lynn Callaghan | Marcia Chandler Alana Douglas | Caroline Estrella | Randy Fenoli Melissa Reynolds | Kat Schenk | Sue Webb Smith | Kathi Stevenson ART DIRECTOR Mark Tzerelshtein | Markintosh Design I have good news for today’s bride. You are about to embark on what should be one of the happiest journeys of your life. It is a journey that is filled with happiness and hope, yet it can be extremely stressful. The entire process of getting married can seem like an endless amount of research to be done and a vast series of decisions that have to be made. Wedding Essentials has a history of making this daunting task easier, by letting you maintain control throughout the months of planning. But we’re not the same magazine that your older sister may have used. Yes, we have the print version of the magazine, which you are currently reading, as well as our sister publications, The Savvy Bride and The Bride’s Survival Guide, but we are on the leading edge of the digital revolution. With the use of your smart phone, you can scan any one of the QR Codes in our Advertisers’ Directory and immediately receive the information that you request. You can also scan the QR Code at the bottom of this column and instantaneously attend our Online Bridal Show from the comfort of your own chair. This opens an entire world of thoughts and ideas, as well as access to suppliers who are waiting to answer your questions and fulfill your needs. But that’s not all... We’ve provided a free bridal registry — a place where you can make your own bridal website that can be as simple as a location to store your engagement photos, to as detailed as having your personal passwordprotected online registry. You don’t have to stick with one store anymore... this is like ‘pinning’ the gifts you would like to receive to your own site for your guests to choose from. You have video thank you cards and the ability to have a cash registry, or to sell tickets to your events, as well as to receive RSVPs from your video invitations. We have married our print media with digital media in order to make it easier for you to create your dream wedding. Enjoy. SALES & ADMINISTRATION SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER Mary Webster BUSINESS & PRODUCTION MANAGER Carolyn Ryan ACCOUNT MANAGERS — TORONTO OFFICE Nora Lee | Beth Ander | Mark MacLean ACCOUNT MANAGER — CAMBRIDGE OFFICE Janice Brideau ACCOUNT MANAGER — LONDON OFFICE Barry Johnson Wedding Essentials is published by Town Crier of Markham Inc. ©Copyright 2013 Town Crier of Markham Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any part of this publication in any form without the written permission of the publishers is prohibited. Wedding Essentials and Internet Bridal Show are registered trade names of Town Crier of Markham Inc., and the unauthorized use of these trade names is strictly prohibited. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate. However, neither Wedding Essentials nor Town Crier of Markham Inc. can or will be held liable for the quality or performance of goods and services provided by advertisers listed herein. FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CONTACT Wedding Essentials 7 Town Crier Lane, Suite 100, Markham ON L3P 2T9 Phone: (416) 498-4996 email: For more wedding tips, trends and information, check out our newly-launched and rapidly-expanding website at John Webster Publisher Printed in Canada Follow us on Twitter and Facebook 4 Wedding Essentials 2013