Walking back to the car by a different route than they took earlier, she wouldn’t hold hands with him and started walking faster, going on ahead of him. Geno called to her and when she turned, still very upset, there he was on one knee in a beautifully-lit parkette, saying, “here is the real thing”. She started crying, flooded with happiness. He had done such a great job of totally tricking her. Then it was back to the house to celebrate with family and friends who were waiting for them. We laughed when “the best man and ring bearer dropped the groom’s band in the church and had to run after it before it got to the heating vent in the floor”. We cried when “we saw each other for the first time at the church, as I was walking down the aisle to Geno”. Melissa’s fondest memory: “Dancing with my father to “The Way You Look Tonight”. Geno’s fondest memory: “Entering the hall with the DJ introducing us as husband and wife for the first time. What a rush having all of your closest friends and family scream, clap and cheer for you!” What she loves about him: “No matter what the situation, Geno always has a way of making things better. Just looking at him smile can make my day amazing.” What he loves about her: “I love Melissa’s sense of humour — she can always make me laugh. I love the way she cares for me. She makes me feel that I’m the most important person in the world. And she has amazing hair!” Melissa’s advice to brides: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I had a support system of great women helping me out. My mother and maid-of-honour were the foundation stones for my planning and my mother-in-law and my wedding party were strong supports. I am a very lucky girl. And be sure to let your groom have a say — men want their moment too!” Geno’s advice to grooms: “Ask your fiancée if there is anything you can do to remove some stress, but use some finesse, or you’ll be in trouble! Let your groomsmen make speeches if they want. One of the most entertaining moments at our reception was when my best friend made a heartfelt — and sometimes very funny — speech. People are still talking about it.” Best piece of marriage advice they have been given: “Never go to bed angry at each other”. It came from Melissa’s parents, happily married for almost 35 years. HEARTFELT HIGHLIGHTS Melissa’s childhood priest officiated at the wedding in the historic St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, in Brampton. He has baptized, married and blessed many family celebrations over the years. For the bride, it was “extra special as the tradition continued on as he now marries our generation”. The talented mother-of-the-bride made Melissa’s brooch bouquet that included her vintage jewellery, as well as donations from relatives and friends, making it extra special and very personal. On the inside of her gown the bride stitched a monogram hankie that had belonged to her late great-grandmother, her “something old” tradition. Beside it was a tiny Cinderella’s slipper on a blue pillow, “something blue”. Geno wore his late grandfather’s ring for the wedding as a tribute. PHOTOS BY Julian Moniz | julianmoniz.com | 416.835.9950