THEY MEET Melissa and Adam met unexpectedly on a casual evening when they were both out with mutual friends. They hit it off right away but their friends saw they needed an extra nudge to get things going. Shortly thereafter, the same friends set up a double date but misled Melissa and Adam by telling them that a group was meeting for dinner in Yorkville. The evening was beautiful and an after-dinner walk along Toronto’s Lakeshore seemed a perfect end to the outing. Suddenly the new acquaintances found themselves alone — their friends were nowhere to be seen — and Melissa and Adam burst into laughter upon realizing that they had been set up! Their first long conversation was followed by many more during the few weeks before Adam headed to California. LONG-DISTANCE COURTSHIP The connection between the two wasn’t broken when they were thousands of miles apart. They found themselves constantly on the phone, e-mailing or on instant chat. When they look back on that time, they both appreciate the way they got to know each other in such a meaningful and well-grounded way. PHOTOS BY Dmitri Markine Photography | | 416.841.3066 Wedding Essentials 2013 37