health & beauty SPA’ ME... BY KAT SCHENK the details { MAKE TIME TO EXHALE AND RELAX AT A SPA DURING HECTIC WEDDING PLANNING S pa. Doesn’t simply reading the word make you relax just a little bit? Just the thought of spending time at a spa feels decadently delicious. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself — perhaps a frazzled, rushed-off-her-feet woman juggling a gazillion wedding planning balls in the air — at a spa. Ooh, aah, exhale! If you are reading this you remembered to open your eyes again — welcome back to reality! However, don’t forget that “spa” feeling and schedule in spa breaks in the build-up to your big day. The reasons and options for including spas in your pre- and post-wedding activities are as numerous as the services available at leading spas near you. Photos courtesy of Sandals Resorts 50 Wedding Essentials 2013