Something Blue WHAT BRIDE HASN’T HEARD the lines “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”, from a poem from the Victorian era? Including something blue on your wedding day is said to ensure love, good fortune and fidelity throughout your marriage. Whether you call it tradition or superstition doesn’t matter — for most brides, the meaning behind this saying is lost in history. THE HISTORY In Biblical times the colour blue depicted fidelity and purity. A bride would send that signal by wearing an item of blue clothing or by a blue band circling the hemline of her dress. In Roman Empire days blue borders trimmed robes, to represent love, modesty and faithfulness. Before the 19th century, bridal gowns were often blue. Young brides wore blue ribbons in their hair to show their faithfulness. “Marry in blue, lover be true” was an old proverb. SAY ‘I DO’ TO SOMETHING BLUE Today’s bride can be very creative when incorporating “something blue” on her big day. Her choice might be open for public view, such as one of these attire options: • Blue wedding gown • Blue sash for the bridal gown • A hint of blue in the veil decoration • Blue ribbons, blue crystals or blue flowers in the bridal bouquet • Jewellery with blue topazes, aquamarines, blue sapphires or blue crystals • Blue clutch purse for cosmetics • “I Do” stickers for the sole of the wedding shoes • Blue shoes Wedding reception blue notes could include: • Blue-embellished wedding cake • Wedding favours in blue boxes • Blue notes in floral arrangements • Cool blue martinis or cocktails • Blue wedding favours There are also great possibilities for private enjoyment of wearing some blue: • Blue stitching with the date of the wedding, sewn on the inside of her bridal gown • Blue garter or a garter with blue embellishments, like a ribbon bow or a blue horseshoe or ring charm • Pale blue lingerie; just be sure it doesn’t show through the bridal gown • A temporary blue tattoo, perhaps a pair of entwined hearts or rings • A white lace thong with a blue bow WE Wedding Essentials 2013 35