FOCUS: RURAL RUSTIC There was another male in Leanne’s life when she met her husband-to-be, Matthew Carella. Luckily Matthew isn’t the jealous type and when he got to know the other love-of-her-life, he took to him too. Jake, a chesnut-coloured, mixed-breed horse, captured the young girl’s heart more than a decade ago. She had been riding since the age of nine. He was her first horse, an unplanned-for addition ending up with Leanne and her parents. She credits Jake with teaching her responsibility, patience and a touch of humility, all fine lessons to carry forward in marriage and life. It was only natural that the newlyweds, who were married at Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility, had photos taken on the farm where so many good times were shared with Jake. Leanne tells WE that “he is retired now, living the life of luxury that he deserves”. When the couple’s new baby arrives later this year, it’s a good guess that one of the first family members he meets will be Jake. BRIDE & GROOM: Leanne & Matthew Carella HORSE: Jake PHOTOS: Face Photography | 647.347.3223 Wedding Essentials 2013 91