a real-life wedding Saphia Ivan C SUPERMARKET & WEDDING AISLES CITYNEWS REPORTER AND HER GROOM TAKE CENTRE STAGE IN DUAL CULTURE NUPTIALS ontrol issues are an ongoing topic in this marriage! Saphia Khambalia and her groom Ivan Vujevic “bug each other about who gets to work around the coolest control room”. The control rooms that feature prominently in each of these newlyweds’ careers are very impressive contenders. CityNews fans recognize Saphia as the charismatic reporter they see on the news who is equally at home interviewing leading lights including President Bill Clinton and Aretha Franklin or youngsters walking down the street, shedding light on what’s happening in our world. Keeping Ontarians out of the dark is also the business of Ivan, her groom, one of the folks who manages and navigates Ontario’s power grid, including keeping the lights on for us all. Saphia and Ivan met in the produce aisle of a grocery store. We’ve all seen a chick flick scene showing the electric spark when two strangers, reaching for the same melon, ignite the passion of love. For Saphia and Ivan it was a little different. Ivan worked in the produce section of the same store where new cashier Saphia registered a huge first impression. Years of friendship — Saphia describes Ivan as “her ‘rock’ the whole way along” — led to serious dating and from supermarket aisles to wedding aisles!