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Thursday, October 12, 2017
The Shopper
Sale Every Monday Starting at 12:00 Noon, Graham, Texas (940) 549-0078
October 9, 2017
Receipts were 2275 including 339 packer cows, bred cows and pairs, 1936 yearlings and calves.
Packer cows were steady on the thin cows, $2 to $3 higher on the high yielding cows. Packer bulls
were steady. The replacement bred cows and pairs were steady on the better quality cows. Market on
steers and heifers weighing 600# and under were steady with a good demand on cattle going to
wheat pastures. Feeder steers, bulls & heifers weighing over 600# were steady to $2 higher. We had
another good run of cattle today with the market being steady to higher on all classes of cattle.
Consignments for next Monday, October 16th
20 Blk Pair, 3-6 yrs old with a good set of calves
45 Blk Bred Cows, 3-6 yrs old, 5-8 months bred
75 Mixed Bred Cows, 3-10 yrs old, 5-8 months bred
25 Mixed Pairs, 3 yrs old with a good set of babies
8 Blk Bred Hfs, 6-7 months bred to low birthweight bull
Cattle Unloading Hours: Monday 7am until the end of the sale
Tuesday - Saturday 8am 5pm and Sunday 8am 9pm
Representative Sales
Gill Angus, Bellvue
Gary Burden, Hico
Barbara Byrd, Millsap
Blk Hf, 745# @ $125
Blk Bull, 620# @ $135
Red Cow, 1345# @ $62
Blk Bull, 790# @ $121
Blk Bull, 525# @ $155
5 Red Strs, 696# @ $147
Dillon Crumpler, Wichita Falls
Brad Fenter, Henrietta
Peggy Johnson, Weatherford
5 Yel Hfs, 452# @ $154
Blk Cow, 1270# @ $58
Blk Hf, 395# @ $149
7 Gry Strs, 486# @ $168
Blk Hf, 335# @ $166
Yel Hf, 320# @ $155
Jerry McCown, Knox City
Todd Spitzer, Graham
Pat Thomas, Granbury
BlkWf Hf, 590# @ $137
Blkwf Hf, 490# @ $145
Blk Bull 395# @ $183
Blk Hf, 660# @ $130
Gry Str, 655# @ $140
5 Blk Hfs, 582# @ $137
David Winn, Bowie
Jim Brown, Carbon
RB Perry, Throckmorton
9 Blk Hfs, 678# @ $144
5 BlkWf Hfs, 582# @ $132
Blk Str, 735# @ $142
7 Blk Strs, 751# @ $145
3 BlkWf Strs, 620# @ $149
Blk Bred Cow @ $1100
For information to consign cattle, please call:
Jackie Bishop (940) 550-5977 Ronnie Hardin (940) 521-2158 Greg Sublett (940) 328-5224
Fall Festival
All Ages Welcome
October 19
6:00- 8:00 pm
316 W. Pecan St. Bowie, TX
For more information,
contact Linda
at 940-395-4098
Nocona Lions Club Tournament a Success
The Nocona Lions Club held their 22nd annual golf tournament on Saturday, October 7. Last year
was the second year for a twi-night event, with the first nine holes being played in the afternoon sun,
and the second nine holes played after dinner with lighted balls in the nighttime dark. The event was
such a great success that several teams decided on their own to play a third set after the tournament.
This year the club worked on how to improve on last year's format, and tournament coordinator
Phil Staley suggested a ball drop for a Traeger grill. The club sold several hundred tickets, and the
numbered balls were dropped at 4:00 pm by Lion Renee Lewis from a helicopter donated by Oscar
Aerial approximately 250 feet above a pin. Lucky winner Mike Brown purchased the ticket for ball
number 260 that landed closest to the pin, winning the Traeger Elite 220 grill, sold to the club by Ace
Hardware at cost.
Twelve teams participated this year, teeing off at 5:00 pm. After a dinner of chicken spaghetti,
salad, and dessert, the golfers continued in the dark, almost finishing before the nearly full moon
arose. The first-place winners for the first flight were Mitch Atteberry and Jody Teague. Second-place
winners were Brad Slade and Joe Leeper. In the second flight, first-place winners were Jim Mahaffey
and Walter Hooper. Second-place winners were Mike Brown and June Brown. Third flight first
place winners were Wesley Newland and Clint Pigg. Second place winners were Ben Kabisch and
Steve Kabisch. Congratulations to all the winners and those who had a lot of fun on a wonderful day.
Thanks to all who supported the tournament, especially the sponsors and participants this year. Please
plan to play next year and support the Lions Club programs including fireworks, hearing, sight, and
vaccination programs, and summer camps including the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville and our own
Chief Peta Playground at the Enid Justin Park supported by the Nocona Lions Club.
The Texas Extension Education Association is calling for crafters and artists throughout the area to
participate in the Annual TEEA Fall Bazaar Saturday, November4th.
Booths are $15.00 each or one free table to senior citizens and $15.00 for additional table.
Each vendor is asked to provide one item for the hourly drawing. Proceeds from the door prize raffle
will also benefit Montague County 4-H.
Set up is Friday, November 3rd 7:00-8:50 p.m. Building must be cleared by 9:00 p.m.;
Saturday, November 4th 7:00 to 9:00 a.m..
The door will open for business at 9:00 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m. Please arrive promptly and stay
until close time. You may begin "packing up" promptly at 3:00 p.m.
At Lunch, TEEA members are famous for their soup and cornbread meal for only $5.00. There will
also be delicious homemade baked goods for the holidays.
Vendors should reserve their space now by calling 940-894-2831 or come by the Texas AgriLife
Extension office, 1st floor, Montague County Courthouse and talk to Carolyn. Also you can call Julie
Browning, TEEA member at 940-841-0020.
The TEEA members sponsor this to benefit the 4-H & FCCLA members who enter the Montague
County Youth Fair and other community needs.
For more information, contact Texas A&M AgriLife office, Carolyn Bell in Montague County at
Phone: 940-894-2831 Email: or Julie Browning, 940-841-0020
Come join us eat, visit, and get your gifts and decoration early.
Educational programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people
without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information or
veteran status.