Tight Girthspage 20 Thermography - not just a pretty picture - page 52 * RRP inc GST $7.50 EDITORIAL ISSN 0811-8698 Pulling the Strings - War Horse -page 14 CLICK ON THE PHOTOFOR VIDEO KER Foal Brag - A. Thompson’s Primrose Court Sasperilla page 68 52 THERMOGRAPHY - not just a pre y picture Thermography’s use in the veterinary field is highly controversial. The story of injured mare Sugar, highlights its benefits in identifying the site of the problem. The primary and most influential body parts of the horse that control movement are the shoulder and hip. Working with the horse on the ground and in the saddle will show the influence these have on movement and focus. 55 BODY CONTROL - shoulders and hips by Sandi Simons 62 FEEDING THE SICK OR INJURED HORSE by Dr. Stephen Duren, Ph.D. Hygain Feeds Understanding and providing the feed requirements of the sick or injured horse will help the recovery process. 64 PRODUCT NEWS 68 KER FOAL BRAG COMPETITION WINNERS 72 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 76 BREEDING RELATIONSHIPS 82 HORSE FRONT The latest on what’s new in the market place. Readers questions are answered by experienced horse professionals. Carol Layton talks about oils, Dan Steers on how to ground-tie and the reliability of branding is revealed in research from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. Line breeding or inbreeding will increase the genetic influence of a bloodline and can be used to amplify or fix positive traits but could also amplify negative traits. News, veterinary advances and horse happenings. IBC SUBSCRIBE TO WIN New and current subscribers can enter to win a casual outfit plus a competition outfit valued at $500 from Dark Selections. To subscribe (printed or e-mag) visit us at www.hoofbeats.com.au Read nal additio articles Hardy and surefooted ponies carry tourists and adventurers across snowbound country, or at the change of season, over vast grass plains. The final in this series tells of Katies inventive methods to introduce Felix • HORSETREKKING IN ICELAND • FELIX - part 6. After waiting months and months for their safe delivery, a foal brings with it an expectation for good things in their future. Many readers who have successfully bred a foal in the last 12 months shared their pride and joy with us in our annual Kentucky Equine Research sponsored Foal Brag competition. A selection of entrant’s photos are featured on pages 68 to 70 and, while space restrictions limit what we can include in the magazine, a great deal more entries are showcased on our facebook page and we encourage you to take a look at the entries received from across the country. Facebook is certainly the perfect medium for us to share these beautiful foal photos as it allows you to not only enjoy looking at them but to share your comments and praise with fellow enthusiasts. We welcome healthy debate where appropriate, however, it became evident shortly after the photos were posted that a facebook fan was quick to express their dislike at what they saw in one particular photo. Those experienced with raising foals and those who took a good look at the photo in question would not have thought twice about it. For the first time, we were forced to ban an individual from our facebook page. They took it upon themselves to not only negatively comment on the photo and demonstrate their lack of knowledge and experience, but also comment on the personal facebook pages of a number of those who disagreed with them. The Foal Brag is an ideal opportunity for owners to ‘brag’ about their ‘baby’ to horse enthusiasts across Australia and New Zealand, and to be in the running to win one of the prizes on offer from our long term supporter Kentucky Equine Research. We hope you enjoy the experience of browsing through the photographs. HENDRA Hendra Virus has once again been in the news after more confirmed cases and the long awaited release of a vaccine late last year. The April/May e-preview, which is FREE to read on our website hoofbeats. com.au, includes a Q & A on Hendra so be sure to check this out, along with the other bonus articles exclusive to the free e-preview this issue. www.iansmithequestrian.com We recently bid farewell to our Marketing Assistant Ian Smith who has resumed his full time studies at University. Ian was with the magazine for the past two years, which included an extended period of annual leave when he rode in Europe for a number of top stables early last year, making those of us left in the office very envious. Ian was instrumental in helping us with the launch of the e-magazine and new website and we will miss his cheery comments and willingness to ‘give anything a go’ attitude. We wish Ian well in his future endeavours and look forward to him keeping us up to date with his riding and competing. Also missing from the office, albeit temporarily, is Caitlin Bolger from our graphics department as she has headed off with a team of show jumpers to compete at some of the major shows across the country. Today’s technology means she can do her job from almost anywhere and she has added ‘roving reporter’ to her job profile. We’ll follow Caitlin’s travels on facebook so be sure to stop and say hi if you see her on the road or at a show. S and y and the H oofb e ats te am. in the hoofbeats to his new ‘shiny’ show bridle, with the idea of taking him to a show. e-magazine • HENDRA VIRUS UPDATE www.hoofbeats.com.au View the articles in the FREE e-preview at www.hoofbeats.com.au COVER The imported Friesian stallion, Kai is owned by Chris and Monique Thornley in Tasmania and is ridden by Bernadette Gibson. Photography by Nadeen Davis.