Pack your thermal underwear when you go horse trekking in Iceland. and the rest are driven in a large group.” This trek included around 170 horses, and travelled into the mountains along century-old horse trails, traversing a steep canyon, long valleys, and many river crossings. Nights were spent in mountain cabins or houses available to riders. “The horses that go on such treks have to be strong, courageous, willing to please, smooth to ride on, love to tolt, be very sure on their feet, easy to catch, pony super easily, be easy going around other horses and on the ground, have good hooves and strong legs, ground tie naturally, and take all sorts of natural obstacles in their stride. This is what has shaped the Icelandic horse, and what will keep on shaping them,” Lukka explains. “The riders have to be tough, sit stuck when going fast in uneven landscape (this was no baby-