needed. You can also add additional organic material like grass clippings, straw, or leaf mulch between plants to help maintain your bed. After your final harvest in the fall, just add additional green and brown layers to rebuild your garden bed back up to the height of 18”-24”, and you’ll be all set for another growing season the following year! Jennifer Schmehl works as a consultant for The Farm at Sunnyside in Washington, VA. She and her partner, Sean McDermott (the farm’s manager), have been organically farming together for almost eight years. They live on the farm with their veggie-grazing toddler daughter, Ginger, and their rescued dog and cat, Bubu and Marshmellow. ….first words....more words....conversation How well is your cHild communicating? If you want to know everything about lasagna gardening, check out the book Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza or visit her website, A great how-to video by The Wisconsin Gardener can be found at www. Additional tips on no-dig gardening can be found at And for those who desire a bit more aesthetically pleasing example, check out this man’s approach at I have so much to say! Colette Reynolds, M. A. CCC Speech Language Pathologist 183-4 Keith St., Warrenton, VA 20186 (540) 347-1239                         2013 • Issue 6 Piedmont Family Magazine 17