An Artist’s View The Value of a Home-Made Gift here is a saying that if you wait long enough, everything old becomes new again. We see it with fashion, culinary dishes (I have been using of late, my fondue pot and my crepe maker, both relics from the ‘70s) and a surge in sales of homemade items. We have a frame store in town that delights in showcasing our local creations, as well as a children’s educational toy store not far known for endorsing and promoting the inventions of our local youth. Isn’t it great that people young and old are using their creative talents to move along our economy? I am delighted to say that many gifts I ‘purchase’ have been handmade, with probably the farthest away being a church sale of beautiful and very colorful baskets, the labors of ladies from Africa. I also picked up a leather journal from Haiti T by Andrea Seiderman that my son cherished. These beautiful treasures are all the more special because they were lovingly hand-crafted by someone with great talent and care. My own children were raised with enough artistic knowledge to be able to make their own cards, and gifts. Likewise, in my art classes once a month we would do a ‘seasonal craft‘ that could be used as gifts. These were always fun for although the theme for all was the same, the fun creative way each child personalized their work was truly an expression of their hearts! How could anything manufactured compare? Andrea Andrea Seiderman is a commissioned artist and teacher who lives in Charleston, SC. Blessings! Celebrating New Moms with a Hearty Meal C by Jacqueline Gowe rosy girl with a full head of dark hair, she looks just like her mother did as a new-born. Having three children of my own and being enthralled with all babies and their entrance into this world, I wanted to prepare something extra special for my niece and her husband for the evening after the birth of their first child, hristmas is a time for wonder and gift giving. Our family had an especially wonderful Christmas one year with a precious gift: the arrival of a new baby. My niece gave birth to her baby a little earlier than expected, and the little cherub decided to make her appearance on Christmas Eve. A beautiful something restorative, warming, nutritious and delicious. To celebrate and nurture the new mom (and dad), I prepared a meal and delivered it to the hospital along with real china, silverware, and pretty cloth napkins in order to make their meal more special and homey. I believe that new mothers deserve an elegant meal after the incredible task their bodies have performed and to celebrate the momentous importance of the birth of a child. Making a healthy meal, with an elegant presentation, is a simple and rewarding way to celebrate the new parents and their growing family. Jacqueline Gowe is a mom of three, caterer, and Italian instructor. She writes about cooking, Italian culture, and family values on her blog An Italian in the Kitchen (thenewfamilykitchen. Find A Meal for New Parents: Beef-vegetable soup with mushrooms on page 15 14 Piedmont Family Magazine 2013 • Issue 6