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Searles Castle was built under the direction of Edward F. Searles, an interior decorator and
antique collector. Having traced his ancestry to the Oxfordshire Harcourt family, he engaged the
prominent architect, Henry Vaughn to design the castle in the style of Stanton Harcourt Manor in
Oxon County, England. The building was completed in 1915 at a cost estimated to have been in
excess of $1,250,000. The castle, located at 23 Searles Road. in Windham, NH, contains 20 rooms.
Searles is said to have employed the finest masons and woodworkers to construct the castle, and
imported marble and artifacts from Europe to furnish it. Examples of the fine work are found in
the carved oak balcony, and the marble fireplaces.
In 1875, after an apprenticeship with a Boston firm, Searles became an interior decorator for the
prestigious Herter Brothers of New York City. In 1881, he met Mary Hopkins, a Herter Brothers
client, in San Francisco. Her husband, Mark
Hopkins, part-owner of the Southern Pacific
Railroad, had died in 1878. He left his wife an
inheritance of sixty-one million dollars. Mary
Hopkins commissioned Searles to design the
interior of her Nob Hill home, and to work
on Kellogg Terrace in her birthplace of Great
Barrington, Massachusetts. They were married
on November 8, 1887 in New York City. He
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